Teacher training and introduction to gel electrophoresis with the MiniOne System is a fun workshop for us (and for the teachers)!  At our Bristol Community College workshop, we spent time training future science teachers how to prepare and run a gel electrophoresis using the MiniOne System.

Why is the teacher training workshop fun?

Teachers and students alike share the same reaction when they watch the DNA bands migrate within the gel matrix.  It’s real science in real-time.  That’s exciting and fun!

We also focus on skills related to basic pipetting, the steps involved in preparing the gel, and the steps that need to be taken for successful results.

MiniOne System Benefits

Designed for the classroom, the MiniOne System is safe.  No ethidium bromide, no UV, no high voltage. The horizontal blue LED-light in the MiniOne enables simultaneous running and viewing. Students watch the DNA bands migrate within the gel matrix using a non-hazardous stain called GelGreen.

Image credit:  Bristol Community College