We’re thrilled to now offer three engaging activities that build upon the Taste of Genetics MiniLab into a cohesive introduction to bioinformatics and excite students about real-world uses of science practices.

Module I: Intro to NCBI Databases

Begin your exploration of genomic big data with this fun and accessible online activity.
Contact us for password to download.

Module II: Hardy-Weinberg Simulation

Students create a simulation of allele frequencies in a population using principles from the Hardy-Weinberg model and a TI-84 graphing calculator, including evaluation of classroom results from A Taste of Genetics (M6012)
Contact us for password to download for teacher guide.

Module III: Exploring Sensory Evolution with NCBI BLAST

Students use BLAST to investigate the TAS2R38 protein sequences across various species and lineages to construct a phylogenetic tree and determine in which lineage did type 2 taste receptor evolve.
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