“STEM employment growth is outpacing the general economy by about 300 percent. And, over the next five years, the United States is expected to add as many as 1.3 million new STEM jobs. And these positions aren’t just plentiful – they also pay well. In the United States, the average professional with a STEM degree earns about $78,000 annually.” (Source:  US News)

We visited two California colleges that understand that the STEM employment market is growing and that through hands-on, investigative programs they will help their students enter that market prepared.

Pierce College and Fullerton College biology and life science programs are committed to ensuring students have hands-on learning experiences to promote critical thinking skills and lab skills to aid them in entering the life sciences job market.  Both colleges participate in the Amgen Biotech Experience and are successfully using the MiniOne System for gel electrophoresis.  The Amgen Biotech Experience offers a molecular biology curricula designed to engage students in a hands-on, inquiry based lab biotechnology program.

For more information on the programs at Pierce College or Fullerton College contact:

Karin Steinhauer in Life Science Department at Pierce College oversees the Amgen Biotech Experience:  Discovery for the Classroom – Pierce College.

Jo Wu, Ph.D. is a professor of Biology at Fullerton College and coordinates the Amgen Biotech Experience:  Scientific Discovery for the Classroom – Fullerton College.