The MiniOne PCR System, EU (M4000-EU)


MiniOne PCR System is a fast, intuitive, and accessible unit designed specifically for teaching hands-on DNA amplification in classrooms.

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MiniOne PCR System has a 16-sample capacity, 4°C to 99°C temperature range with heated lid, constant temperature for PCR cycling programs, Peltier element for fast heating and cooling, intuitive app for programming and monitoring on a mobile device (Android or iPad), no cables or access to your school’s wifi needed. With the MiniOne PCR System, DNA samples are amplified and ready to run in one classroom period.

  • System includes one MiniOne Thermal Cycler for 16 samples
  • Power supply (12V, 100W, 100 – 240 VAC)
  • Heated lid to prevent condensation
  • 4°C to 99°C temperature range, samples held at 4°C at the end of every protocol
  • PCR cycling or constant temperature modes
  • Standard 30-cycle protocols can be adapted to complete in one classroom period
  • Intuitive graphical software app on mobile device for programming and monitoring
  • No cables or access to school wifi needed for connection to mobile device (iPad or Android)
  • Real-time visualization of temperature cycling on mobile device
  • Protocols can be stored and edited on mobile device. Unlimited storage for protocols and data
  • PCR Validation Kit

* Mobile device must be purchased separately.