PrepOne Sapphire and Photo Hood for Smart Devices (M5000)


The PrepOne Sapphire and Photo Hood for visualizing and taking picture of fluorescent stained gels with a smart phone or smart device.

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First-of-its-kind blue LED illuminator that allows you to visualize DNA bands without a protective mask, shield or filter obstructing your access to the gel. Its oblique illumination design features a light source that enters the gel from the side, hence exciting the fluorescent dye enough so you can see the bands with the naked eye without over-saturating the background of the gel.

Set includes:

  • PrepOne Pro Gel Imaging System
  • Amber Filter
  • Two Cutting Mats
  • Fluorescent Ruler
  • Plus a Collapsible Photo Hood for Smart Devices

*USPN 8,974,651

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Weight 2,72 kg
Dimensions 25,4 × 7,62 × 20,32 cm