PCR Cycle Number Analysis MiniLab, TAE


PCR Cycle Number Analysis

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PCR Cycle Number Analysis MiniLab & Gel Electrophoresis Combo Reagent & Accessories for 10 Student Groups, includes:
FastTaq PCR MasterMix (2X), Primer Set, Lambda DNA Sample,
Sterile Nuclease-free Water, MiniOne DNA Marker,
MiniOne 5X Sample Loading Dye,
Ten GelCups with preweighed 1% Agarose and GelGreen DNA Stain in TAE buffer,
100 mL Tris- Acetate-EDTA (TAE) Buffer Concentrate,
0.2 mL flat-cap PCR tubes, and
0.65 mL Microcentrifuge tubes,
Teacher Guide
For ten student groups.

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