MiniOne PCR and Electrophoresis Biotech Basics Set – EU


iOne PCR and Electrophoresis and SpiniOne 2020 Biotech Essentials Set-EU

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MinOne Electrophoresis System which includes:
1 x MiniOne Carriage with Blue LED lights
1 x Gel Tank with Graphite Electrodes
1 each Grey and Black Gel Tray Platforms
1 x Casting System with 2 Gel Trays and 2 reversible combs for 6 and 9 well gels
1 x Amber filter Photo Hood for Real Time Viewing and Capturing Gel Image
1 x 42V Power Supply, 100 – 240V for EU
1 x FREE 2-20 microliter variable volume micropipette
1 x MiniOne Instruction Manual

MiniOne PCR System which includes:
1 x MiniOne PCR System, power supply and EU Power cord
1 x PCR validation kit
1 x Android tablet

All items are packed in the MiniOne systems carrying case (M4011CASE)

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Weight 4,98 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 15 cm