MiniOne Electrophoresis in Carrying Case, Classroom Package of 10, EU (M1012-EU)


10 full sets of the MiniOne Electrophoresis System in a Carrying Case  (M1002-EU) – all the equipment you’ll need for a class of 10 to do hands-on electrophoresis labs in the classroom or at home.

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The MiniOne Electrophoresis System Classroom Package of 10 provides all the tools needed for an entire classroom of life science students to experience every step of electrophoresis labs from prep to results analysis, with the added benefit of being packaged in rugged carrying cases to keep equipment organized, safe, and clean. The MiniOne Electrophoresis System’s student-safe components and intuitive design can be used for take home labs in remote learning environments, especially when paired with our conveniently pre-aliquoted single user reagent sets of hands-on, inquiry based life science labs.

The MiniOne Electrophoresis System Carrying Case means no more misplaced power supplies, lost casting system trays, or scratched photo hoods. With custom foam cutouts for each component, additional space for reagents, a convenient zippered pocket  and handle, the already portable electrophoresis system is more mobile than ever, making it the ideal package for distance learning environments.


This NEW Classroom Set of MiniOne Electrophoresis Systems with Cases is ideal for 10 groups of 3-4 students, and includes:

  • 10 x MiniOne Electrophoresis Carrying Case
  • 10 x MiniOne electrophoresis carriages with blue LED lights
  • 10 x buffer tanks with durable graphite electrodes
  • 10 x casting systems with 2 gel trays and 2 reversible combs for 6 and 9 well gels each
  • 10 x amber filter photo hoods for real time viewing and capturing gel images
  • 10 x 42V (output) power supplies, 100–240V (input)
  • 10 x FREE 2–20µl variable volume micropipettes
  • 1 x FREE validation reagent kit