MiniOne Casting System (M2002)


The MiniOne Casting System is a durable, straightforward set-up that comes with everything you’ll need to cast a gel: casting stand, stand cover, two gel trays and two gel combs.

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  • No tapes, gaskets, or mess. Simply drop in your tray and pour the gel.
  • Molded casting stand eliminates leakage
  • Comb is aligned to the top of the tray to eliminate easily torn or bottomless wells
  • Stand alone unit so casting gels and running gels are not mutually exclusive
  • Dual reversible gel comb with one beveled side for 6+6 or 9+9 wells, 1.5mm maximum thickness
  • Can be used for both dye and DNA sample running
  • Rinse first with warm water then rinse again thoroughly with DI water. Do NOT clean with alcohol or any abrasive solvents.

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Dimensions 17,78 × 11,43 × 6,35 cm