MiniOne Electrophoresis Classroom Package of 10 for Distance Learning, EU (M1013-EU)


A classroom set of ten MiniOne Electrophoresis Systems for Distance Learning – for inquiry-based life science labs in the classroom or at home. Includes ten rugged carrying cases and essential lab tools that make gel electrophoresis accessible anywhere.

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The MiniOne Electrophoresis System is a game-changer for life science educators and students, allowing students to take ownership of every step of the electrophoresis lab from prep to results analysis. Thanks to its student-safe components, intuitive design, and new rugged carrying case, the system can even be used for take-home labs in remote learning environments. This classroom set of MiniOne Electrophoresis Systems and accessories for Distance Learning includes everything a teacher and student would need to do electrophoresis in the classroom lab or at the kitchen table.

In the classroom setting, the new MiniOne Electrophoresis Carrying Case serves to keep systems safe and organized. No more misplaced power supplies, lost casting system trays, or scratched photo hoods! With custom foam cutouts for each component and additional space for reagents, its convenient zipper and handle makes the already portable system more mobile than ever, making it the ideal package for sending kits home in distance learning environments.

Shaken samples? If you struggle with precious samples stuck to tube lids, the SpiniOne mini centrifuge is here to save the day. Powered by a rechargeable battery, these compact, portable devices allow students to spin down samples anywhere, minimizing the need for equipment sharing.

Tips and tubes trouble? MiniOne T-Racks keep your micropipette tubes and sample tubes organized and off the lab bench or floor! Their compact, stackable design fits securely in the MiniOne Electrophoresis Carrying Case, come in a variety of fun colors, and make it easy to change pipette tips and find the correct sample tube.

This NEW Classroom Set of MiniOne Electrophoresis Systems for Distance Learning Kit includes:

10 complete sets of MiniOne Electrophoresis Systems:

  • 10 x MiniOne carriage with blue LED lights
  • 10 x buffer tank with graphite electrodes
  • 10 x casting system with 2 gel trays and 2 reversible combs for 6 and 9 well gels
  • 10 x amber filter photo hood for real-time viewing and capturing gel images
  • 10 x 42V (output) power supply, 100–240V (input)
  • 10 x FREE 2–20µl Variable Volume micropipette
  • FREE validation reagent kit — Please note: one FREE validation kit is included per order, regardless of number of MiniOne Electrophoresis Units purchased.


  • 10 x MiniOne Electrophoresis Carrying Case.
  • 20 x MiniOne T-Racks (Ten each PCR tube racks and Micropipette Tip Racks)
  • 10 x SpiniOne™ bases and rotors
  • 10 x Gel Loading Practice Kits (for single user)