From the west coast to the eastern seaboard – MiniOne has been turning heads at APSI workshops nationwide!

Ah, summer. The season of barbecues, beach days, and enriching your AP Biology course curriculum. Across the United States, our most passionate and diligent teachers gather for Advanced Placement Summer Institutes – workshops designed to help high school educators develop programs that will help prepare our best and brightest minds for the rigor of university education.

Our own Richard and Callen have gone nomadic this summer, traveling from city to city, and state to state, demonstrating to AP biology teachers how they can  easily, affordably, and safely incorporate biotech education into their curriculums. The MiniOne DNA Electrophoresis system and MiniOne  PCR system are educational game-changers, making it possible for lecture, lab, and clean up to fit into one classroom period.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Teachers are surprised to see how efficient, accessible, and student-centered our MiniOne systems are compared to the DNA separation and PCR systems of the past. By minimizing risk and speeding up the process (without sacrificing scientific precision), students can take a hands-on approach to learning essential skills and concepts that will be invaluable in their college biology courses.

From the coast of California to the Atlantic seaboard, APSI educators have been excited by MiniOne systems. Less wasted time, less risk, more hands-on time and real world applications. Oh, and it’s all at an affordable price – starting at just $279. Does it get much better than that?

Here’s what some AP biology teachers are saying about their experiences with the MiniOne DNA electrophoresis and PCR systems:

Tuscaloosa, AL:

“So much easier than traditional PCR – produces great pictures!” Buckhorn High School, Meredith Mays

“Love the consolidation of equipment, the ease it could bring to students and teachers” – Kira Hardgrave, Henryetta High School

Tulsa, OK:

“Extremely impressed with the system’s simplicity and ease of use!” Kinsey Biggs, Owassa Middle High School

Seaside, CA:

“Dangerous… because now I want to buy one!” Myra Nati, St. Patrick, St. Vincent High School

“Great! I loved how small, clean, and fast it was.” Daniel Shalk, Coast Union High School

“Outstanding! Great directions and easy to use equipment.” Katie Schott, Enterprise, HS

Fairfax, VA:

“Wonderful! Really enjoyed getting hands-on instead of just hearing about it!” Mandy Esteban, Battlefield High School

“Love it! It’s so easy to use. Students won’t get as lost because there are so few steps!” Jeromy Gilman, Langley High School

Bryan, TX:

“Very eye-opening, I never knew I didn’t like my current system!” Kathy Hoke, Navasota High School

“Fantastic! Streamlined and fun. Very engaging.” Jennifer Miner, Dawson Springs Jr/Sr High School

Bowling Green, KY:

“It was so fast and easy, ideal for the classroom!” Renee Schuler, Valley High School

Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL:

“Very positive. Everything is designed for convenience. Every aspect felt purposeful!” Heather Ziemba, Andrew Jackson High School

Pasadena, CA:

“We are starting a biotech/biomed program, and we are the only all-girls public school in California! I would love to work out an order. Thank you!” – Emilie Hill, Girls Academic Leadership Academy

Hazelwood, MO:

“It was awesome! Very easy to use, inexpensive once purchased and purchase price is great!” Celeste Colley, Dexter Sr. High School

Grand Rapids, MI:

“The electrophoretic equipment is so much more accessible than my system from a leading brand!”

“Much easier than older systems I have used. Very student-friendly!”

Are you an APSI consultant interested in a presentation of MiniOne systems at your next AP Biology workshop? We’re always looking to demonstrate to more teachers how simple, safe, and illuminating DNA Electrophoresis and DNA amplification can be in the classroom. Please contact us at

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