Join Us!  On June 23, 2015, The MiniOne System team will host a gel electrophoresis workshop as part of BioTeach’s STEM education development and outreach program at the University of Alabama – Auburn Center for Community Outreach Development (UAB CORD).

UAB CORD’s BioTeach for High School Teachers program provides teachers with the basic knowledge and lab skills needed to bring molecular biology into the high school classroom.  For vendor partners like us, this means we are able to work directly with STEM educators to collaborate on developing labs and experiences that meet student needs.  It also helps us learn how teachers in different regions incorporate gel electrophoresis into today’s classroom experience.

We look forward to seeing you there.  You’ll have the opportunity to try the MiniOne System out and ask questions about how to incorporate it into your lab curriculum.

Designed for student use in general, advanced or AP Biology, the MiniOne System provides students a safe way to run a gel in a single classroom period, gain experience with basic lab skills, and visualize DNA in real-time. No EtBr or UV is used.

Class of June 2015: AUB Bioteach Classroom Gel Electrophoresis with the MiniOne System

Class of June 2015: UAB Bioteach Classroom Gel Electrophoresis with the MiniOne System.  We’ll share the details of our day in an upcoming post.

For more information or to arrange a presentation at your school:

Alabama science and biology teachers who would like more information about BioTeach please contact CORD directly via email at For more information, or to arrange a presentation on the MiniOne System, please contact our team directly at

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