An inquiry-based lab incorporating hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data analysis

Give students the complete hands-on experience of running a molecular biology investigation from beginning to end while engaging them with a scenario based on a real-world Shigella outbreak.

In this workshop, you will gain practical experience with technology and protocols that are easy to implement and in line with NGSS.

Read What These AP Biology Teachers Have to Say:

ldquordquoAn excellent lab, very nicely done! Would like to see more of the same real world examples in curriculum for regular bio and forensics class. Thanks again!

Terry Annicchiarico
Cathedral Catholic School

ldquordquoI enjoyed the workshop. I think it is great curriculum and tools to learn about genetics.

Christine Arrabit
North County Trade Tech High School

ldquordquoI really enjoyed testing the new Foodborne Outbreak Investigation Kit at Embi Tec’s recent workshop in La Jolla.  They have taken the time to make the activity compelling, relevant and engaging.  All of the reagents and materials worked very well, the methods are simple enough for students to follow and the data was clear.
I’m planning to add this lab activity to my AP Biology curriculum next year.

Cheryl Eisen
San Diego Jewish Academy

ldquordquoThe Foodborne Outbreak Investigation workshop was one of the most in-depth workshops I have ever taken. I have been able to work out a science problem taken from a real-world example. The lesson plans, supplies and materials and hands-on experiment were helpful. Everything was so well done and well organized. It was all presented in a way that was easy to understand and because of that I would be able to use it effectively with my students.

Fardusa Sharif
Science Instructor

ldquo rdquo Thank you for hosting the Foodborne Outbreak Workshop.  In general I thought that it was well done.  The length of time was adequate and not too long. It was good to perform much of the wet lab within the time restrictions of the workshop in order to give a sense of how long it would take in the classroom.  The support materials for students was a good start to formulating ideas on how to use the lab.  I particularly liked the ideas that others came up with in order to most effectively use the process.  The low volume, non-toxic aspects of the equipment was commendable.  I do like being able to see the gel run as I think that students would build a better picture of what is going on if they can visually track the progress of the band migrations.

Marc Kibler
Del Lago Academy

ldquordquoI loved the real world connection. I appreciated how easy the kit was to use.
Would like to incorporate this lab into my classes, as part of an epidemiology unit.

Rachel Tenenbaum
La Jolla High School

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