Last week we had the pleasure of being at the International Biology Olympiad 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark.  We spent a considerable amount of time with student scientists from 61 countries.  We learned about their biology studies, classes and laboratories.  We also learned about their homes, their cultures, …their unique tastes in candy!

We learned that the Danish people love candy – especially LICORICE!

What is licorice and why is Danish licorice unique?

Licorice is made from the licorice plant root extract and mixed with sugar to produce a soft, chewy and sweet candy.  Most Americans, think of Red Vines candy as licorice, a sweet, chewy, red, stringy, treat.  This is not Danish licorice.

Danish licorice is salty, which is why it is quite off-putting to most foreigners, who are not used to the specific taste. The salty taste comes from ammonium chloride, with which the licorice is flavored. We decided all the students needed to experience this unique candy!

It was our pleasure to share this treat with the attendees.  A huge thanks to the organizers of the IBO 2015 this year.  They provided a welcoming environment for students, vendors, instructors, and volunteers.  We look forward to seeing you next year!

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Student scientists enjoy an evening of fun at the IBO Cultural Night after days of practical and theoretical tests.