Developed by Dr. Stephen Hajduk, founding director of CORD, BioTeach has been offered since 1992 to high school biology teachers within the state of Alabama.  The goal of BioTeach is to provide teachers with the basic knowledge and laboratory skills needed to bring molecular biology into the high school classroom.

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“Look!  See that?  That’s a DNA Band!”  Even teachers get excited about gel electrophoresis.

Our own, Kelly Nguyen was on site last month to provide support for a series of teacher-only labs for BioTeach attendees at the University of Alabama – Birmingham program.  “Introducing gel electrophoresis into biology classrooms is critical to a well-rounded STEM education.  Being able to do hands-on gel electrophoresis labs using the MiniOne System shows teachers how they can complete a lab in a single 45 minute class period and provide students with a high impact lab experience.  It’s a pleasure to see teachers delight in seeing the DNA bands begin to migrate in the first five minutes of their lab – you can see them smile ear to ear.  They [teachers] immediately see the value of introducing this in their classroom.”

We are proud to be a partner with BioTeach, a nationally recognized program.  We salute and thank the biology teachers who strive to provide their students the best educational opportunities possible.  We encourage you to recognize your fellow science teachers.