Students from 61 countries arrived in Denmark this week to compete on their knowledge and expertise in biology at the International Biology Olympiad. Beyond the opportunity to collaborate and network with their peers and industry leaders, students are taking practical and theoretical exams to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and for the chance to win medals.  Hosted by Aarhus University, students are able to enjoy a taste of European campus life while they compete in this globally recognized biology competition.  Designed to challenge students to demonstrate an inquiring and investigative approach to biological problems, their exam performance can also help their admissions process to university programs. According to the IBO organization planners, “ingenuity, creativity and endurance” are also required to achieve the best results in the International Biology Olympiad 2015.

Student International Biology Olympiad Practical Tests (IBO) 2015

Exams are underway. Student begins her gel electrophoresis lab.

We are pleased to be a part of the activities this year. Embi Tec, our parent company and maker of the RunOne gel electrophoresis system, has a team on site to learn about upcoming student programs and to observe the use of RunOne electrophoresis systems during several of the practical examination laboratory sessions.

Student International Biology Olympiad Practical Tests (IBO) 2015

Student begins his lab experiment as part of the practical exam.

Richard Chan, President and CEO of Embi Tec and The MiniOne System, shared that “The enthusiasm that each student has for science is contagious and it crosses cultural and political boundaries. We are pleased to see our gel electrophoresis systems in use at this world class event.  It’s reassuring for our future to see students from all over the world together for progress and innovation. We wish all the students success in the competition and their future careers.”

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